The Liquor Studio

We converted our middle floor to create The Liquor Studio: the North’s original & only drinks development lab, training centre & photography studio designed to train & develop the skillsets UK hospitality workers.


| Immersive Brand Space |

|Liquid Development |

| Photography Studio|

| Meeting Rooms |

| Training Centre |

Created with the intention of becoming the go-to space for immersive brand experiences, masterclasses and drinks development, the Studio boasts:

  • 10 individual cocktail stations

  • Two 3L copper pot stills 

  • A 22 person tasting room with full AV equipment

Citadelle Gin and Citadelle Old Tom Gin
People taking part in a Gin Blending Experience in Leeds

We can train your staff, host industry-leading masterclasses and create unique learning opportunities for consumers based around your brand.

The photography studio is a unique space created to bring any scene to life, regardless of season, time or weather and allows us to create stunning and impactful visual media across a huge range of platforms.

Small Micro Distillery - Liquor Studio Leeds

Other Services

Creative Cocktail & Drink Styling

Brand Marketing

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Gin Masterclasses in Leeds

Bespoke Training


Brand Advocacy Programs

Brand Advocacy & Sales

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