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Bespoke Training Programs

Outstanding knowledge in all elements of a job role is vital to success. Members of staff with strong & relevant knowledge improves productivity in both a hospitality environment but also sales and advocacy.


| Cocktail Training Programs |

| F&B Management |

Service Training |

| BOH Training |

| Spirit Training |

We create bespoke programs for our clients, by analysing their strengths, weakness and offerings to maximize results. 

Spirit Blending Experience In Leeds City Centre
Spirit Masterclasses & Cocktail Training in the North of England

Hedonist Drinks offers this service either on-site or at our training centre: 

The Liquor Studio

We work with you and the needs of your venue to achieve results and improve the experiences you can offer.

Nordic Spritz Cocktail

Other Services

Martini Style Cocktail with Creative Garnish

Brand Marketing


|  Campaign Design & | 

| Management | 

|Campaign Brand Asset | Creation  

Brand Activation Design 

| Brand Launches |

| P.O.S Design |

Rum Blending Experience in the North of England

The Liquor



| Immersive Brand Space |

| Liquid Development |

| Photography Studio |

| Training Centre |

| Meeting Rooms |

Pepsi Max Meet Up Consumer Activation

Brand Advocacy & Sales


Brand Ambassador |

| Training |

| Brand Positioning |

| Brand Advocacy |

| Brand Research |

| Toolkit Creation |

| Sales Training |

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