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Sensational Drinks Modular Bar

Creating innovative solutions to trade show troubles.

Client: Britvic PLC

Market: UK

Target: On-Trade Sales & Hospitality Workers

Time Scale:


Asset Design & Creation; Asset Delivery, Event Staffing

In collaboration with:

With the scale and frequency of trade shows, large scale events and regional events that Britvic undertake they came to Hedonist Drinks & Hedonist Events to design them a cost effective solution to ensure brand and messaging continuety.

Due to the differing types of events Britvic undertake be that size or style we aimed to design an asset that

  1.  Can be used at multiple events on one day 

  2. Have to the ability to be used at large scale tradeshows & events

  3. Has the ability to showcase numerous brands at one time in the Britvic portfolio

  4. Be able to deliver a high level of drinks easily

To answer these we decided to down a modular route. This would allow the client to breakdown the build into 5 seperate units which can be indicudually branded to their corresponding brand and be acivated throughout the UK similtaniously. The system then does allow the user to bring the corresponding modules together to fit a 10m x 10m trade stand space. 

As part of the buld Hedonist also analised Britvics current sustainable pratice initative and was able to bring inovative ideas and applications. These ranged from the materials used to the operation ability of the asset.


Britvic Sensational


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Soft Drink Activation in the UK
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Robinsons Winter Cordials

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