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Sensational Drinks

Revitalising the Britvic On-Trade offering for a new generation of bartenders.

Client: Britvic PLC

Market: UK

Target: Developing Bartenders & Wet-Lead On-Trade Accounts

Time Scale:


Drink Development & Photography; Drinks Styling Asset Design & Creation; Brand Strategy.

Hedonist Drinks were approached by Britvic to create a suite of drinks recipes that can be utilised across a variety of industry venues from small, independent cocktail bars through to national bar & restaurant chains. The drinks had to be stylish & premium whilst being easily replicated in mainstream venues by staff who may have never worked in hospitality before.

Britvic wanted to develop their cocktail offering having identified growing trends in the hospitality sector with cocktail curiosity on the rise for the past few years. They also noticed that the rise of low & no drinking trends brought with them a rallying cry for greater options within the category, including for mixed drinks.

The Hedonist Drinks team created a suite of drinks focusing on four core spirits alongside an entire section devoted to alcohol-free serves. The team worked closely with the marketing departments at Britvic to create unique content for the publication aimed at its core demographics. The product also had to act as a toolkit for the Britvic Sales teams to help brand sell-ins to key accounts.

Hedonist provided key industry insights to the publication, managed the drinks styling & photography, curating content to match industry & consumer trends. We were immensely proud to be part of such a monumental product and look forward to working with the Sensational Drinks arm of Britvic once more.

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Britvic Modular


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Soft Drink Activation in the UK
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Robinsons Winter Cordials

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